by Tari Gwaemir

"No, not this one either."

Touya pursed his lips. "What's wrong with it? It's clean, the kitchen and bathroom in working order, and the bus stop is not too far away."

Yukito just shook his head. "Not this one."

"Do you think it's too small? Yuki, you know we can't afford a larger place on our current salaries."

He shrugged helplessly and leaned back against the wall. Touya came up and grasped him gently by the shoulders. "What's bothering you, Yuki? Tell me."

He gestured vaguely at the window. "You can barely see the sky from here. Much less the moon."

Touya squinted at the apartment towers and tall office buildings that crowded the view from all angles. "Oh."

"I don't mind the view, but...well, he finds it uncomfortable."

Touya smiled down at him and ruffled his hair. "All right then. Let's go look for a nicer neighborhood."


Card Captor Sakura belongs to CLAMP.

Written for 31_days theme exchange 2006, from the theme list compiled by Sophia (sophiap).