by Tari Gwaemir
Raito comes home late.

The house is dark by the time Yagami arrives home. He pauses in the doorway to let his eyes adjust as he takes off his shoes and hangs up his coat. He walks quietly, each muffled footstep sure and steady while he navigates his way through the darkened living room. In the corner, the VCR flashes bright green numbers, illuminating a dark, wiry leg, incongruously hanging from the window ledge across the room. Yagami looks up and narrows his eyes.

"You're rather late this evening," Ryuuku murmurs in his low, rumbling voice, his unnatural grin flashing white and wide against his face. Yagami doesn't reply, just gives him a look, and proceeds up the stairs to his room. He senses Ryuuku following behind him, huge and warm, and hears the clattering of bone against bone, foot against floor, breath against air. It always amazed him that all the hidden microphones could not detect the presence of something so noisy.

He sets his schoolbag on his desk and quickly closes the blinds letting moonlight into the room. Ryuuku blends once more into the shadows, but now that he knows where to look, Yagami can still see his misshapen outline. From the room next door, a sleepy voice asks, "Is that you, Raito?"

He replied automatically, "Yes, Mother. Sorry, the review session ran a little late."

He lies down on the bed and stares intently at the ceiling. Two sets of eyes, wide and unblinking, watch the cameras throughout the night.


Death Note belongs to Obata Takeshi and Ooba Tsugumi.

Written for the First Lines meme at Aishuu's LJ (aishuu).