by Tari Gwaemir
He smiled a giant's grin.

"I called you friend and brother once," L said, his face eerily calm. The raven perched on his shoulder winked solemnly. "But justice prevails. Goodbye, Kira."

Raito stared at the stalactites hanging like long iron teeth above him. He winced as the first drop of poison hissed against his bare stomach. Beside him, Misa gave a startled cry and thrust a bowl beneath the serpent's fangs.

"Raito?" she asked tremulously. But instead he turned his head to watch L's retreating form.

He smiled a giant's grin. "Oh, but we'll meet again, L...at the end of worlds."


Death Note belongs to Obata Takeshi and Ooba Tsugumi.

Written for deathnote100 ("Mythology" challenge).