by Tari Gwaemir
"To the lords and ladies of Byzantium."

"Let me die young," said Treize, wine glass in one hand, a pistol in the other. "Let us all die young, before we become too used to life. Let us create legends in the span of youth and pass into history before we can be forgotten. Only then will they open the doors of Valhalla to us."

"Valhalla? Do you believe in such myths?" asked Zechs.

"What else is there to believe but myth? I shall forge your life and mine into a music that will move the gods to tears. You, Zechs," he murmured, with a half-bow, "and OZ, you are my Gesamtkunstwerk."

"Is that all I am? Your attempt at shaping history?"

"No attempt," Treize replied, "I make no attempts. Wait and see, Zechs. You shall be my immortality."


Gundam Wing belongs to Sunrise.

Written for 31_days (August 6th theme). Dedicated to Lydia (lush_rimbaud), who loved the idea of Treize.