by Tari Gwaemir
On fixing things.

Like all mechanics, she loves the shine on a new machine: its well-oiled gears and cogs spinning silently and efficiently, with no sign of wear and tear. But she loves even more the process of taking broken machines apart and reassembling the worn, damaged parts into working order once again. There's a certain quality to old automail--whether it's been roughly used or simply exhausted over time--as if age softens the metallic edges and makes the mechanical seem human.

She could have gone to Central City too and studied engineering--team up with an alchemist perhaps, or become an inventor. "But I'd rather stay here," she tells Grandma Pinako, "I don't just want to build new things, I want to fix them."


Full Metal Alchemist belongs to Arakawa Hiromu.

Written for 31_days theme exchange 2006, from the theme list compiled by Sophia (sophiap).