by Tari Gwaemir
"He was an honest man."

He carefully cut a thin slice from the heart and slipped it into his mouth. He chewed slowly and methodically, his eyes half-closed in concentration.

"Well?" Mr. Ibis asked from the other room, pen poised.

"He died in his sleep. A man of strong will. Always did his duty to his wife and children. He was never quite happy though. At a loss for what to do next when his children grew up and moved away. Rather lonely in his last years after his wife passed away." Jacquel swallowed and wiped his mouth neatly. "An uneventful life and a peaceful death."

"Died in sleep," Mr. Ibis repeated as he scribbled on his clipboard.

"He was an honest man."

"How do you know? Can you weigh his heart from a single slice?"

"The scales and feather were only for show. I can smell the traces of his soul. He was an honest man."

"If you say so. Next body?"


American Gods belongs to Neil Gaiman.

Written for 31_days theme exchange 2006, from the theme list compiled by Sophia (sophiap).