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min jo-gyeon
kim yu-hwa
A freelance investigative journalist, reporting on the East Asia region for several of the E.U.'s independent news feeds. He is European by citizenship, but was born in Korea and left in 2044 A.D. when he was six, after his father was found murdered while investigating the Mirae group. The murder was never solved, and Jo-gyeon's main motivation for returning to Korea is to find his father's murderer. He has grown up in the shadow of his father's memory. Although he barely remembers him, Jo-gyeon idolizes his father and has deliberately chosen to follow in his footsteps by becoming a journalist.

Jo-gyeon is impetuous and ambitious, with a single-minded intensity that refuses to allow for distractions. He does nothing by halves--fiercely loyal to those he loves and extremely unforgiving to those he hates--and lives by a Hammurabian code of justice. Nonetheless, he tries to restrain himself from such emotional extremes, and on the surface appears to be the sociable type who has many acquaintances but few close friends. He is talented at making people like him, and Yu-hwa is no exception. What is unusual, however, is that he finds himself liking her as well. His major flaw is his self-righteousness, which makes him prone to ruthlessness.

Age - 27
Hobbies - skiing, boxing

An analyst on the EARA trade inspection bureau in Korea, and only daughter of Kim Won-seung. Many believe that she received her appointment thanks to her father's backing, and her fellow colleagues suspect that she is on the bureau solely to represent her father's interests. In fact, she did get her position via connections, not through her father but rather through her school, the EARA Academy on Prosperity. She has little loyalty to her father, whom she has barely seen while growing up, and does not hesitate to investigate and implicate companies owned by the Mirae group.

Yu-hwa grew up with her mother on Prosperity, where all her companions were the sons and daughters of wealthy Asian business moguls and technocrats. While she has a sheltered view of the world, she is by no means naive and has a natural skepticism. She is the consummate professional and has few intimates other than her best friend, In-seok. Although she does not enjoy her work, she does it flawlessly--but never does more than she is asked to. Cheerful, well-adjusted, but frankly bored most of the time, Yu-hwa feels disengaged from the world around her until she meets Jo-gyeon, whose intensity she finds fascinating.

Age - 25
Hobbies - poker, piloting

choi in-seok
min jo-hee
The mastermind behind Project Renascence, and the eldest son and heir of Choi Sang-bok. He has a degree in chemical engineering, but his true passion is for space. At the EARA Academy, he majored in astrophysics until his father demanded that he change to a more practical field. He is Yu-hwa's closest childhood friend, on account of being the same age and growing up as neighbors on Prosperity, and both their families assume that they will eventually become engaged. However, neither In-seok or Yu-hwa have the slightest romantic feelings for each other; their friendship is strictly platonic.

In-seok resents the fact that he was ordered back to Earth. He has an openly hostile relationship with his father, who constantly finds him wanting. It is no surprise then that In-seok has a bit of an inferiority complex and worries constantly that he will fail at the moment where it really counts. As a result, he has overcompensated by becoming a detail-oriented perfectionist and control freak, which is why he initially has trouble getting along with Jo-hee. Adding to the neuroticism, he feels compelled to play the part of the perfect prince, handsome and polite, and obsesses over his appearance every morning.

Age - 25
Hobbies - amateur astronomy, chess

One of the researchers recruited to work on Project Renascence, and older sister to Jo-gyeon. Her background is in computer science, and her specialty is artificial intelligence. She moved to Europe with her mother and younger brother when she was nine and has never looked back since. When initially recruited for the project, she insisted that she be allowed to work remotely from her home in Europe but has since realized that she needed to be on-site. Nevertheless, she is unhappy about returning to Korea and does not want her brother to continue with his personal investigation of their father's murder.

Jo-hee is quiet and reserved, every inch the traditionally genteel female. It is difficult to imagine upon first meeting her that she is in fact the owner of the incisive mind that made the latest breakthrough in the field of A.I. research. She is passive-aggressive to the extreme, which gets on In-seok's nerves and causes many irritations between them. She seldom reveals what she really thinks or feels, and hence has a reputation for arrogance among her colleagues. Her personality however is genuinely generous and sympathetic, and she has often played the part of listener to her more outgoing mother and brother all her life.

Age - 30
Hobbies - cello, hacking

other characters
Kim Won-seung - Founder, president and CEO of the Mirae group, as well as Yu-hwa's father. Ambitious and charismatic; at the time of the series, he is a more public figure than the president and one of the wealthiest men in Korea. He employs nearly 45% of the population and has a reputation for taking good care of his employees, who receive food, housing and insurance from the company. He is also known for his numerous philanthropic activities, including considerable private donations for disaster relief. Nonetheless, there are also rumors of corruption and trade law violations surrounding the Mirae group; it was while investigating his company that Jo-gyeon's father was murdered.

Cha Ji-young - Jo-hee and Jo-gyeon's mother. She left Korea after her husband was murdered and brought up her children as a single mother. For many years after immigrating, she had to take several menial jobs at a time to support her family, until she found finally found steady employment as a translator, which she still does even now though she can afford to retire. She is extremely devout--which may have been unintentionally responsible for her son's sense of justice--and is a well-known figure in the local immigrant church near her home in Italy.

Choi Sang-bok - CEO of the LG-Hyundai group and In-seok's father. Despite being Kim Won-seung's chief financial rival, he is also a close family friend and has his heart set on marrying In-seok to Yu-hwa, thus enabling the union of two largest corporate empires in Korea. A stern and implacable man, he has left the rearing of his children to his parents ever since his wife passed away soon after the birth of his second son. As a result, he has never been close to either of them and has very little idea of who his sons actually are.

Choi Jun-seok - In-seok's brother. He is three years younger than both Yu-hwa and In-seok and recently graduated from college on Prosperity. He has ended up mostly ignored by his father and older brother, but is known to be his grandfather's favorite. He has a sunny disposition as well as a longtime crush on Yu-hwa.